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Just-Eat Takeaway the smart way.
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Just-Eat is a UK headquartered service for ordering takeaway food online in the UK, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, India, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil.



Rating 10

According to the website, Just Eat is the largest online takeaway ordering service in the world. It covers a vast range of cushiness ranging from high-end restaurant standard through to the small local kebab shop. In theory, there's something on offer for everyone.

Just Eat is a great concept and I love the idea that I could be on the bus homeward bound after a long slog in the studio and have the ability to just access the site via my smartphone and pretty much have the food waiting for me by the time I get home. I don't even have to speak to anyone, which is great when I'm feeling tired and antisocial. Well, I guess I'll have to speak to the delivery person but hey ho!


Rating 10

Just Eat is a very smooth and easy site to use which makes for a great user experience. It's easily accessed whether it be via it's app on the smartphone or on it's standard website.

The user simply types in their postcode to reveal a list of all cuisines available in their area. They can then take as long as they desire to browse what's on offer. As there are star ratings for each establishment based on scores consisting of 'quality', 'delivery time' and 'service', it helps massively in making the right choice.

The next step is to browse through the menu and click the 'plus' sign for each dish, beverage etc that is required. These are all displayed on the right hand side in the handy 'Your order' area. Finally, once you're happy with your choices, simply click the 'Order now' button, go the payment and delivery area and either login to your account or fill in you details. Job done!

I've had occasions where the take away in question will call me just to confirm the order or to discuss any small issues that may be apparent with the order. This is quite nice, especially for new users who may be a little bit worried about parting with their cash virtually. It just adds the human element to the whole experience. Than again, if that's what they're after, maybe they would be just better phoning their order through in the first place.


Rating 9.0

The layout and design of Just Eat is nice and simple and easy on the eye. Nothing particularly feels out of place which is great because it means there's no unnecessary fluff getting in the way of what should be a quick and simple user experience. The branding with its bright pillar box red and white text stands out well against the white background.

My only small criticism would be that the paper and textures used in the background feel a little dated but then they're so insignificant, they would probably go unnoticed by most.


Rating 9.7

Just Eat is indeed a great idea. However, I guess the main problem with this site falls with geography. For instance, I currently live in London so I'm basically spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a cuisine to sample when sitting at home and feeling lazy. I could pretty much just stick a pin randomly into a map of the world, knowing that pretty much wherever it lands, I will be able to find a takeaway signed to Just Eat that will cater for it; brilliant!
However, before I moved here I lived in a very small town in a rural area, so as you can imagine, there was very little in the vicinity to choose from other than the odd kebab shop and pizza joint. So ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that Just Eat is simply as good as the location you're in. Based on my present situation, it's an amazing concept and I could use it over and over again. Based on my previous location, by default, it would get a resounding thumbs down.

So basically, for all large town and city dwellers, bookmark this site and use it; you won't be disappointed!