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Design week is a multiblog full of design news, views and inspiration.



Rating 10

Design week is the online version of the long established Uk based design magazine of the same title. It contains news stories and features regarding everything that's going on in the heady world of design.

As a designer myself, Design Week is without a doubt my first port of call for the latest news and inspiration. It's well written, highly informative and full of great images that massively compliment the outstanding journalism on offer.


Rating 10

The site is clearly broken down in to sections ranging from Branding and Editorial through to Furniture and Packaging, which makes for a great user experience when trying to decide what area of design one wants to read and learn about.

For me, the most appealing side to Design Week is it's daily email newsletter featuring links to the main site. I often find myself clicking through to fascinating stories during my breaks. I also take great pleasure from tweeting about my newly found piece of design gossip via its great integrated social media links.

As I'm often traveling around London on buses, it's not surprising that I want something good to read to help pass the time. Design Week is the perfect solution. I was slightly disappointed to learn there wasn't an app to compliment the site but when I opened the site using my smartphone, I was happy to discover that it's been designed and developed so well, I actually feel like I'm using an app. There's even the inclusion of three different font sizes that gives the user more control over how they view the pages on offer. Brilliant!


Rating 10

As a site completely focused on design, there's got to be a certain degree of pressure for it to look as good as the great work it houses. Fortunately it does. Its clean and crisp white background is the perfect  compliment to it's all black logo in it's classic sans serifed font. The whole ensemble succeeds in looking slick and contemporary. I guess it could be easy to dismiss the site as looking a little too simple but I personally think this was the right move. If it was cluttered with loads of trendy looking  design elements, it would appeal to some whilst at the same time alienating others.


Rating 10

In short, I love Design Week. I really can't fault the experience I get from using the site and I will keep coming back to it as long as it exists. Whether you want to learn about a product that's been rebranded or an exhibition of old film posters, I guarantee there will be something on offer here for you. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.