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Added 09/07/2013
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Chill is the new way to distribute and market your film, episodic series, or comedy special.



Rating 9.0

I'm going to start off by saying that I'm a little confused about Chill. To my knowledge it was a web community that allowed the user to discover videos and share them with their online friends via the website or Facebook. i guess a kind of Pinterest exclusively for videos.
However, unless I'm going mad, it appears that it's changed somewhat and is now a site aimed at film makers etc who want an alternative way to market and distribute their video projects whether they be feature films, shorts, documentaries or comedies. So for the benefit of this review, this is the angle I'm going to come from and I apologise in advance if anything I say is inaccurate.

Founded by Brian Norgard and Daniel Gould and based in Hollywood, as I just mentioned, Chill is an alternative way to help film makers on their way in getting their work 'out there'. In statements on their 'About' page, Norgard says of the company "We're here to help creators tell their stories. I am focused on building the product that makes this a reality". While Gould states "Our technology is built for you. And it's constantly adapting. Nothing should get ion the way of our vision."

Chill is a crowd funding site that seems to work in a similar way to Kickstarter. The user gets to click on a project that grabs their attention and then choose from different price bands which all offer different perks. Once they've made their purchase, they receive their order and the money goes straight to the creator, which is obviously a brilliant prospect for them.

So for example, I could make a thirty five dollar purchase of a film and get a signed limited edition DVD and a downloadable version. If I went for a more expensive option, in this case, one hundred and eighty dollars, I get the download plus a one hour Skype chat with the director. I think it's a great idea that the consumer gets the choice over how they spend their money.


Rating 8.0

The site is pretty straightforward to use and the user experience is relatively pain free. I like the fact that within the space of three clicks I can be making a purchase. There's no messing, the user lands on the Homepage and can scroll through the projects on offer. Even at this stage they can click and watch any of the trailers to help inform their purchase.

However, the site could definitely benefit from an archive area and some kind of filtering system. Especially as there's more than one category to choose from. It's quite annoying having to scroll through one endless list of postings to try and decide what to take a look at.


Rating 9.0

The layout and design of Chill is great and works really well. It's very clean, fresh and professional looking and feels very much at home in the world of online videos. The branding in it's script based font is very simple and innocuous but somehow manages to maintain a sense of individualism, creating it's own unique identity and personality.

This is a very small gripe but I don't like the favicon, it reminds me of branding for a certain type of product very specific to women. Maybe if the pink square was removed, it would solve the problem. Sorry guys.


Rating 8.7

Chill is a great idea. Unfortunately, I can't directly comment on how good the film work on offer is because I simply haven't watched any of it. However, I will certainly consider making a purchase in the future, as I would very much like to support a site like this and of course the film makers it tries to help.

i think we live in very exciting times in terms of social media and I genuinely love the fact that people like you and I just sitting at home can take so much more control over what we consume and how we do it. If the success of Kickstarter is anything to go by, Chill should hopefully follow suit.