The magazine for very tired pandas
Added 09/07/2013
Official_review 1060f6e Created by Anthony Jones
Bored Panda The only magazine for Pandas.
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Art & Design


Bored Panda is a digital compendium, showcasing offbeat creative work, quirky visuals and branding examples that are clever and provocative.



Rating 9.0

The oddly named Bored Panda is a great site for individuals seeking some form of virtual engagement, when seeking creative inspiration or even just a great place to look when trying to pass a bit of spare time. Does this make them Bored Pandas?

There's some beautiful and fascinating projects on offer here showcasing unique design ideas, art and photography. The offerings range from incredibly colourful rock formations in China through to humorous advertising campaigns. I especially like the 'BIC - Huge Razor'. Go and check it out for yourself.


Rating 9.0

Bored Panda is a very simple site to use making for a great user experience. The postings appear in chronological order and can be filtered from a long list of topics such as 'Advertising', 'Art', 'Graphic Design', and 'Pandas Against Boredom'. I'm not quite sure what the latter category is but I'm assuming it's the sites choice picks.

In order for one to subscribe to the site, they simply need to fill in a basic data capture containing their email address. Once the account is activated, it's easy to upload your own images. You simply scroll down the page to 'User Submissions' and then click '+' to add a new post. They will even give suggestions based on what to add. There's also all the usual social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, helping to spread the word of these great and exiting posts.


Rating 9.0

I very much like the design and layout of Bored Panda. Even despite the inclusion of large web adverts, they don't detract from the great content on offer. The predominantly grey, monochromatic colour scheme compliments the thumbnail images of each story perfectly. I'm not sure how much i like the red headlines but to be honest this is a very minor detail.

The most noteworthy part here is the beautiful illustration used for the logo etc in the header. I'm not sure who the artist is but they should be very proud of how great their work looks and how much it pulls the entire site together, giving it a unique individualism that makes it stand out dramatically from its counterparts.


Rating 9.0

To be honest, when I initially came across Bored Panda, I was worried it would be another one of theses sites that contains a lot of inane trivia that's forgotten almost as soon as one has stopped looking at it. However, in retrospect, my initial feelings were completely inaccurate.

What we actually have here is a plethora of fascinating postings, many of which are inspiring and beautiful. So in actual fact the site could be used by designers and photographers and such like wanting to showcase their work. One simply never knows when an opportunity could raise it's sweet little head. And like I say, there's so many fascinating posting on offer, it really doesn't matter who you are, there's bound to be something here you will love, ultimately inspiring you to come back and visit on a regular basis.