Bad Lip Reading
Added 09/07/2013
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Bad Lip Reader, the eviscerating and hilarious video parodies that overdub presidential candidates and musicians with absurd sentences. The videos reinterpret candidates’ speeches by putting words into their mouths in a sendup of the idea that politicians only talk nonsense.



Rating 9.0

On the surface, 'Bad Lip Reading' (BLR) is a great and funny idea that allows the blogs viewers to enjoy spoof, overdubbed, videos created and uploaded by it's anonymous creators. I have to confess that until now, I've not been particularly well versed with the content on this blog but then as a lot of it is based around American politicians and musicians, this is hardly a surprise.

The posting that tickled me the most, was the "The Walking (and talking) Dead" video. in case you hadn't guessed, it uses footage from the massive hit TV series ' The Walking Dead'. The overdubbed zombies are especially funny. I recommend taking a look and even if you aren't blown away by the humour, you have to be impressed by the shear effort and time that has been put in to producing the work. This is indicative of all the clips on BLR and that alone should be enough reason for you to go and take a look.


Rating 8.0

This Tumblr blog has been put together using the 'scaffold' theme and the videos are fed from a very popular YouTube channel also named BLR, in fact in the left hand navigation, there is a direct link to the YouTube page. Personally, I prefer viewing them within the realms of the blog page, purely because it looks a lot more appealing, not to mention the fact there's much less 'fluff' as there is with YouTube.

As there doesn't appear to be any kind of 'About' page on the site, I have found it difficult to learn anything about the background of this relatively new site, which is a small shame. However, as BLR's creators clearly want to remain anonymous, it could be argued that it actually adds to it's appeal.


Rating 8.0

Aesthetically, BLP looks slick and clean with it's combination of cool whites, greys and blues. It's branding is a little basic but at the same time, it still works adequately within the realms of the blog. It would be nice to see an updated version of the logo as it would be the perfect conclusion to an otherwise great looking blog.

The Tumblr theme selected was a very good choice as, visually, it exists well in the background without taking anything away from the most important part of the site; the video screen grabs with their all important play buttons.


Rating 8.3

Overall, this is definitely a blog worth checking out and I can't deny that there has been moments watching clips where I have genuinely laughed out loud. I can't really call this a criticism but my main issue would be that the content appears to be strongly biased towards younger American people. There are many references in the humour that I don't fully get, simply because I'm from the UK. Then again, the content is made in the US so it's no surprise that the content will have slightly more appeal over there.

More than anything, if you're asking yourself how popular the various videos are, take a look at the YouTube viewing figures for each one. They've had literally millions of hits, so take what I say with a pinch of salt if you like; these figures literally speak for themselves!