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Introduction: introduces a website that allows professionals, freelancers, and students to interact by uploaded videos.



Rating 10

The idea of building a relationship with your students (or customers) and making money at the same time is any entrepreneur’s dream come true. I like the idea of giving the new comer something to get started with as a bonus. It means repeat business.


Rating 10’s functionality is outstanding. It takes less than a minute to set up an account. It’s user friendly interface allows users to get into the game and start making connections immediately. The platform welcomes new users with a free $20 to use in their account to get started. has a ‘learn-and-earn’ interface that outshines its competitors.


Rating 10

This video community’s layout is set light years in front of the average run-of-the-mill social website. It's an inexpensive way for the layman student to learn, and a way for the professional instructor to layout course videos (or offer free courses or services). I gave the layout a rating of 10 because of its uniqueness.


Rating 10

In conclusion, has set a new standard for networking.