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Introduction: is a website for people who are looking to work from home and for people who are looking to hire people to work over the internet. Potential employees post their resumes on the site and potential employers will search through resumes and post jobs.



Rating 9.0

The purpose of the website is to give people the opportunity to work from home and to give employers the opportunity to have their work completed. The idea is very easy to grasp. The jobs that are offered can all be done from home. Some of these jobs include: Virtual marketing assistant, Customer Support representative, content writer, and Facebook expert. There is a broad variety of jobs to choose from, and this ensures that almost anyone can find something to do.


Rating 9.0

Getting around the on the site is fairly straightforward. You can select the option of "Post a job" or "Find Work". Registering is free and the site claims that its services are 100% free, which is great. Signing up is easy. You can import information from Linked In, upload a profile picture, give a summary of your skills, and fill out a brief history of your education and work experience.


Rating 9.0

They layout is minimalistic and pleasing to the eyes. It's set up in a way that makes navigation very simple and lends no confusion to the site's purpose. The color scheme is white, light green, and blue -- which compliments the site's theme.


Rating 9.0

I signed up for the site, filled out only the basic information to get my profile up, and confirmed my email. As far as I am concerned, the site appears to do exactly what it purports to. Once you've posting your information it's just a waiting game to see which job opportunities you match up with. So, would I use this website myself? Yes, I would and I'm going to!