Added 11/06/2013
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Sharetronix The ideal microblogging tool for your community.
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I found it to be quite interesting. Sharetronix is actually multimedia micro-blogging software. It allows you to build a friend (or customer) base, communicate messages all over the web, and establish customer loyalty. Clients (or consumers) are able to build communities of employees, customers, and partners relaying updates to gather opinions, advice, or on-the-job training.



Rating 10

The new face of networking that this site brings to the online marketer and app builder makes this social community also a one of a kind opportunity. Users are also able to build apps within the Sharetronix community and market them as well. This makes this community viral for the up-and-coming app creator and internet marketer. Members are able to alert other members of website launches and product launches in real time. Sharetronix is the new facebook for up-and-coming networkers that are serious about doing business and building long lasting relationships. I really like the idea.


Rating 7.0

Kudos go to the programmers for keeping things simple. Sharetronix users can easily navigate through the system. I gave the functionality of the site a rating of 7 because there are still some bugs yet to be worked in the system.


Rating 7.0

The layout of this site is quite modern but not so much eye-catching.


Rating 8.0

Once the bugs are worked out, the site has great potential to becoming a primary platform for app developers and online marketers to do business. I think this site will be around for years to come.