Saving Our Food Economy
Added 11/06/2013
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Credibles If you eat, you're an investor.
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Food & Drink Prepaid Crowdfunding


Credibles is an innovative new idea that deserves some thought. Fund a business and help create a new economy.



Rating 8.0

You put money into a startup food vendor and you get the same amount back in food when he is up and running. This would help new food business owners avoid expensive bank loans and simultaneously create a sense of community among those who helped fund the new venture. Local people would most likely fund local businesses, and this could have many good societal effects.


Rating 9.0

This site is beautiful. The coloring gives a feeling of natural wholesomeness. Using video is always a plus. It draws you in, making you a part of the mission.


Rating 10

The background color is light, emphasizing the colorful video blocks. Very nice.


Rating 9.0

I am passionate about changing our nation’s economy and its diet. I believe that it is essential to our survival. Credible is a wonderful idea. It is a step in the right direction.