Help Kids Help Others
Added 11/06/2013
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PiggyBackr Teaching youth how to fundraise.
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Fundraising Learning


A crowdsourcing site for helping kids learn empathy while doing good.



Rating 10

This site gives a platform for kids to get funding from friends, family, and anyone else at the click of a button. No more door to door sales for young ones! Just use text messaging, email, or social media to let people know that you (or your child) are taking part in a charity project and could use some financial help.


Rating 8.0

This website gives great incentive to people to help do good and I think it achieves that very well.


Rating 9.0

A great layout. Simple, but entertaining and has large buttons to push for donation, making it easy to see what to do.


Rating 9.0

Poverty and cruelty are problems that this website gives long and short term solutions to. In the short term, projects to help those in need are being funded. In the long term, the kids who take part in these projects are being taught empathy.


I would not use Piggybackr. I set up an account 5 days ago. The link to the donation page quit working, it's not picking up all the team members and it keeps telling me that I have to confirm my WePay or they will refund the money to all the donors--yet I have confirmed it. They are also capping donations at $5,000 until I've confirmed but I have confirmed and it's just not registering with them. I've emailed support everyday and called the last 2 days. They are totally non-responsive. In my opinion, you should pick another company for your crowdfunding. I don't know if they are a scam or just terrible at service.
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