Bringing Investors and Small Business Owners Together
Added 11/06/2013
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Microventures Connecting angel investors and startups.
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If you are looking to start your own business, or invest in one, Microventures is a website you want to find out more about.



Rating 9.0

This website provides a virtual platform that enables business owners searching for funding to find a multitude of investors at the click of a button. All the work of investing or finding an investor can be done from a telephone and a computer. No more in person meetings means more time for you to work on your business.


Rating 9.0

Microventures is a great site for investors as well. Fund seekers fill out a detailed eight page description of their start up business. This filters the applicants, reducing the risk for investors. Investors may choose to provide $1,000 to $30,000 for each startup. The average investment is $5,000.


Rating 10

The layout of this site is unparalleled.


Rating 9.3

Finding a loan through a bank can be a stringent and exhausting process. Microventures simplifies the process and allows new investors the chance to help others while benefitting themselves.