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Introduction: is a great way to meet others who hold the same interests or share your hobbies.



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Meetup is a way to meet new people, find local activities in your area that interest you, and spend time with those new friends.


Rating 10

There are clubs and groups of all kinds to be found on meetup. Whether you are looking for new friends, a religious group to share your faith, a non-religious group to share ideas with, a quilting club, a writing group, or a political activist group, you will most likely find it on this website. My husband and I met some very dear friends of ours years ago at a meetup for Generation X parents.


Rating 10

The content is easy to read and the website easy to navigate. Sign up for one or as many Meetup groups as you'd like. It's free and they don't bug you every day with emails. In fact, you only receive a monthly newsletter that tells you what events are going on this month.


Rating 10 is a great way to get in touch with and stay in touch with new people.