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Added 18/06/2009
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First there was Zeros2heroes - the community for comic book designers, artists and producers, then Behance - where all kinds of artists could publish their portfolios, and find people to collaborate with, and now we get a site for fashion fans, models and designers. Fashion industry is very competitive, with huge amounts of money at stake, and many young artists find it very difficult to make their designs public, this portal might give them the opportunity to show their ideas, and get feedback from other users.



Rating 9.0

The site is divided into several categories: Fashion - where designers add pictures of their clothes, or their catalogues, Models - where male and female models upload their pictures and bios, and Art - for photography, graphics and logo design, paintings and mixed media, and the place for Fans, who don't really have to upload anything, but act as the critical audience, rate and comment things. <a href="" rel="nofollow">UsTrendy</a> is not only a portfolio and gallery site, however. There are rewards for those who get the highest votes, because the best designs are to be executed and sold in the online store, and the best models will appear on real fashion shows organized by UsTrendy. It might not be as important as runways in Paris, but it might be great step for a new designer or model. Even fans might get awards for being active, from the sheer satisfaction of influencing fashion, to iPods, and invitation to exclusive fashion parties.


Rating 8.0

The sites open up on the latest added portfolio, and the browsing tool is hidden at the bottom of the page, so it's possible for a new user to feel a bit lost. The portfolios look really nice, but each photo is a tiny miniature that has to be opened in a new window, which takes some time on slower computers, and might become frustrating for the viewer. It's possible to vote on each picture, giving it from 1 to 5 stars, or skip the voting part. Each portfolio includes some information about the artist or a model, but it's not a detailed bio, which might be a problem for serious employers. You can browse the Art category by letter and keywords, and there's also a ranking of the most popular portfolios and an update section, so you can always check if anything was added since your last visit. A user can browse the male models and female models catalogue separately, and there's no tool for searching models according to their location.


Rating 9.0

The site looks trendy and sparkly. There are moving letters, flying butterflies, lots of swirls and spirals and some pink, but all together it doesn't look like a blog of a preteen girl. The colors are not too cute, and the design looks pleasant and professional. Portfolios are also pretty, the miniatures have nice photo-like frames, the only problem is the long loading time.


Rating 8.7

The idea is interesting, the site is pretty, but a bit confusing to explore. It will be interesting to watch it develop and see if the original idea of "people influencing fashion" will prevail.