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Added 29/05/2013
Created by billrozovics
Twitter The best way to discover what’s new in your world.
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This is a review of Twitter, a free blogging service that has millions of users. Twitter is the most talked about microblogging site on the Internet. Organizations such as the Associated Press, personalities such as former president Bill Clinton, and celebrities like Lady Gaga all have their own Twitter accounts for their fan base to follow.



Rating 7.0

I recently joined Twitter and found the sign up process to be a bit tedious. You have to choose about eight people to follow before being allowed to complete the sign up process. Maybe it is because they want you to become familiar with the site and the way it works, but why am I immediately forced to follow people or companies? I would like the option to bypass that part of the sign up process and start to use the service.


Rating 9.0

But after you get to the actual Twitter feeds, it is a great service to use. Some critics say it is not useful because nobody is interested in what you do every day. Charles Barkley said that Twitter is for losers. But it is not about people following me, but what I find out when I follow other people, companies and events.

Twitter often provides better information on national and world events than the news stations do because people who are actually part of the event are tweeting their views and information before the news networks. It can also be faster than what you can get from an Internet site or cable news. For people who like to be aware of what is going on in the world, Twitter is a valuable tool.


Rating 9.0

You can keep up with friends and family too without sending the same message to ten people separately. You are restricted to a 140-character tweet (though there are ways to extend this limit) that makes it easy to read. One tweet that you send can be accessed by everyone who has your account name, simply by following you. It is fast, convenient, and costs nothing to use.


Rating 8.3

But the best part of using Twitter is how easy it is to use. Other than a few advanced features, if you can type and learn what hash tags are used for, Twitter will bring you news and entertainment without any effort at all.