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eHow is a community of users who post tutorial articles about virtually anything. Some of these articles are written by its users, while others are written by professionals. This site is great, because if you ever need to know how to do a task, you can search in in the eHow database, and you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how to preform it.



Rating 9.0

eHow's main idea is to provide tutorials for anything in order to aid any visitor to the site who needs to find information on how to do something. This idea is shown through there tagline, "How to do just about anything" or "find the expert in you." This is a genius idea, because if someone doesn't know how to do something, they look it up online, and this website will show up on the search bar, bringing in a lot of traffic to this site. That is why they are the 50th most visited site in the US.


Rating 8.0

This site is pretty simple, and allows its users to post tutorials, view tutorials, comment on other's tutorials, and discuss topics in the forum. This site has over 2 million how-to articles and videos today, so it seems to be functioning nicely, and as long as people keep writing, and people need to learn this site will be an important tool for many internet users.


Rating 9.0

eHow is a well-organized site, and has a nice and simple look to it. When you go to the home page you will find different tabs leading you to different categories. It also shows you pictures of articles, and will give you a feed of the featured articles. Once you scroll down, you will also find an extended list of categories. Overall, this site has a nice look to it, and a nice color scheme that makes it look friendly to the user.


Rating 8.7

I rank this website highly because it does what it says it does really good, and that is provide how-to information to any internet user. It is easy to read and use, and it has all the information that you need all in one place, so you can cut down on time trying to search for the topic.


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