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Added 27/05/2013
Created by 14mitceri
Twitter The best way to discover what’s new in your world.
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Twitter is a social-media site that is free for anyone to sign up an use. This website allows its users to "follow" other users such as friends, famous athletes, musicians, etc., people can then "follow" you back. Once you follow someone you will be able to view all their activity, and see all of their "tweets". Tweets are what this site calls when someone posts a message.



Rating 8.0

This site uses social media to spread ideas and information throughout the internet. The main idea behind it is to connect to friends, and learn about all the new events in the world, or with your favorite athletes, artists, or organizations. This website is a micro-blogging site because the user’s tweets have a character limit of 140. This is one of the major sites that I use in order to find out the current events, and news about my city, and the United States.


Rating 8.0

Twitter is a pretty simple site, you create an account, and all the tweets that show up depend on who you are following. When you first join the site, things can get a little confusing (coming from my own person experience) you will find all sorts of stuff like hashtags (#) and things like that, but eventually you will get used to the feel of the site. Your experience with Twitter also depends on who you are following, if you follow hardly anyone, than your feed won't have very many new tweets, but if you follow a lot of obnoxious accounts, than you will have all sorts of annoying spam on your account.


Rating 9.0

Overall, this sites layout is quite nice; it has tabs located on the top that will direct you to your feed, your profile, other people’s activities, and any tweets that people have mentioned your account name in. Those tabs, and other factors make this site easy to navigate through, and you can easily return to the home screen with a click of a button.


Rating 8.3

I have been using Twitter for about 6 months now, and I have been pleased with it ever since then. It doesn't throw out a bunch of adds, and it allows its users to protect their account to retain privacy with their tweets. I personally like this site better than any other social media site, like Facebook or MySpace.