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Added 27/05/2013
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TED Ideas worth spreading.
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Learning Ideas

Introduction: is a website that allows anyone to instantly watch over thousands of inspiring videos. These videos are around 18 minutes of accomplished people sharing an idea, or object, that usually teaches a life-lesson. TED's main purpose is to create an arsenal of videos that are shared all around the world, hence the slogan "Ideas worth spreading"



Rating 9.0

The idea of providing educational videos world-wide for anyone to access, for non-profit reasons, is what is all about. This idea is great because it benefits everyone, and it won't post pointless video's like other video sharing sites. This site also allows people who don't have very much popularity to get known by more people.


Rating 8.0

TED is fairly easy to use, but can be a little too complex. It provides great searching tools, for things like the category of the video, or the popularity of the video. At first, for many viewers, this could almost feel like it gives you too many options and you can't find a specific video or idea because of that. Other than that though, the videos will load perfectly, and depending on your internet speed will either be in HD or not.


Rating 8.0

This site is a little cluttered at times. For example on the home screen, there almost seems to be too much going on at the same time. Other than that, it is easily navigable, even for not as internet savvy people. This layout is also great because it doesn't have any obnoxious adds, other than TED's own advertisements.


Rating 8.3

This site is great, and it is assured that everyone who visits will not have a bad experience with it. I really liked this site because it is free for anyone to use, and you don't have to sign up, or log into it. This site provides the best inspiring talks, and is still a growing organization.