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Added 18/06/2009
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Nostradamus was a sixteenth century clairvoyant, who described the future of the world in a series of short poems. Some people claim that he really predicted the future, while others think, that his poems are insane ramblings, that can be interpreted in any way to suit the current situation. Nevertheless, he's an inspiration even to the creators of internet portals. Recently launched Nostradamical is about predicting the future and being rewarded if it actually comes true.



Rating 8.0

The main idea is using the "collective intuition" to predict events from several categories: Celebrities (most popular, so far), Business, Technology, Sport, Entertainment and Evil (which for now includes only one prediction about Osama Bin Laden). At the moment it is a separate site, but there are plans of integrating it with other popular sites such as <a href="" rel="nofollow">Facebook</a> or <a href="" rel="nofollow">Bebo</a>.


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Users fill in their profiles, add their own predictions, add pictures to make it look more interesting and vote on other people's predictions, which allows them to get the percentage rank of "likelihood". If it's below 50% it means that the prediction is "unlikely", and becomes "likely" if reaches more then 50% of support from the users. There are certain limitations to posting predictions - they have to relate to a time period of one year (so, there won't be anything about the first human colony on Mars in 2300), and be verifiable as "true" or "false" (so, "<a href="" rel="nofollow">Will prince William get married</a>" not "How many girlfriends will prince Harry have"). When the moment of the fulfillment of the prediction comes, the author, and people who voted on it are notified, and a person whose prediction came true may climb up to the next level of hierarchy - from a newbie to an oracle.


Rating 5.0

The layout is simple, and easy to explore. The site is organized in a neat way, pictures added to predictions are an attractive detail. It's decent, but not breathtaking.


Rating 6.7

Nostradamical seems to be interesting, but will have to compete with similar sites, such as HubDub and Predictify, which have a more serious and business like approach to the matters of predicting future. Those two sites refer to predicting events on the basis of logical deduction, while Nostradamical, with its name, pyramid hierarchy and majority of celebrity predictions seems to be more of a fun site. One of the predictions says that "Nostradamical will be bought for gezillions and transformed into a betting site", but I think it's only 13% likely.