What I Made Is Something Very Special
Added 26/05/2013
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What I Made is one of those very exceptional kind of websites. The reason being that it helps anyone to release their inner child in a number of very crafty and creative ways.



Rating 8.0

Children do love to do things with crayolas, construction paper, and all sorts of
other things that are popular to kids on the average. Scott Bradford has managed to come up with a lot of very interesting and fascinating tutorials that do offer to make everything from special cards for mother to all sorts of wonderful projects to beyond.


Rating 8.0

The functionality for What I Made was chiefly designed with lots of creative fun in mind. There is not only ease of use, but easy to understand in delivery, and in numerous other ways too.


Rating 8.0

It is the ultimate site for this who want to feel young, and to be young in heart and spirit, which are great ways to have in one's life
for all the right reasons. It is a learning experience to pick up and learn about making everything and anything that is unique and
special beyond special. If you like cool stuff to do for cool people, such as mom, then you need to visit this site to get lots of awesome and caring insight for yourself.


Rating 8.0

So, with all of this said, What I Made is truly a special site for all the right reasons creatively. Imagination is what inspires this website, and it in turn, is what does inspire others to want to do a project just because they want it to be something special in nature.