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Added 25/05/2013
Created by 14mitceri
YouTube Broadcast Yourself
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Video Sharing


YouTube is a website where the registered users can upload all sorts of videos onto their own channel, so that all other visitors to the site can watch them. This site allows its members to watch, comment, subscribe, or thumbs up certain videos and their creators.



Rating 9.0

The basic idea of YouTube is to allow a transfer of different types of videos to anyone on the internet. This presents an endless opportunity for its users. This is great because it spreads people's ideas all over the world by just uploading a simple video.


Rating 9.0

YouTube is really user-friendly, and walks you through step by step for almost all features on the site. This site also functions great because it will allow the viewers to select the quality of the video, so if their internet speeds are low they can select a lower quality. There aren't many problems with viewing anything on this site, and it runs smoothly every time.


Rating 9.0

The layout for YouTube is simple, and very clear. It doesn't bombard you with all sorts of adds, and has a clean look to it. It is also very easy to search through the content of the website because it provides a search bar. The thing that is best about the layout is that after each video it will provide you a list of videos that are similar to that video, which is great for quickly finding different videos.


Rating 9.0

Overall YouTube is one of the best choices for video sharing sites. Many people use this site, and it has minimal flaws. The only con about this website is that when you are uploading a video it can take quite a while depending on the amount of network traffic.