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Added 25/05/2013
Created by 14mitceri
IMDb The Internet Movie Database
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rating 8.5
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IMDb is one of the biggest sites that is based around the media. This website contains all sorts of reviews to today’s popular movies and TV shows. It also includes extra information like articles and reviews about the shows. With this site, its users can access all the info, and can even leave comments of their own about the movies.



Rating 8.0

This website is based on the gossip and what people think about the media. This idea is great for targeting an audience that needs caught up on their information about the latest movie, or about any actors. The site also provides access to season/episode recaps just in case you missed an episode.


Rating 9.0

This site does its job well, because most users go to check the ratings of popular films or shows, and this site allows them to do it effectively, and easily. It is easy to search the website, because it has a simply search bar, and has tabs into their different categories.


Rating 9.0

The site has a clean look to it, and doesn't seem cluttered by a whole bunch of ads, which allows the users to search for the topics they want quickly, without any annoying adds popping up. They layout is also great because it doesn't lead you on a chase just to find a simple topic.


Rating 8.7

IMDb gets a rating of 8.7/10 because they do their job very well by providing information on the topics that you search for. The only thing is that with some older or less popular movies they lack a lot of information, but other than that this site is great for this type of work.