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Introduction: is one of those very exceptional kind of websites online, and what makes it exceptional is, it is a website that is crowdfunding in nature for the benefits of undiscovered authors.



Rating 8.0

There are many people out there who would just love to write books, and who are gifted, as far as having writing talent does go. Nonetheless, some people just don't write, because they don't get the encouragement they need, or even the primary motivation overall that makes a writer into an author. Since determination, as well as personal practice, are all essentials where the field of writing does go.


Rating 8.0

The functionality of this website is excellent, and so are all of the other rewards, which it does have overall for potential authors of books. It is everything, it promises to be, and then some on all fronts.


Rating 8.0

The layout of this website is one that easy to master, and not hard at all to use, being that it is designed to make the entire experience wonderful all the way around. Easy layout, ease of usage, all these things matter in their own ways and so stand out here.


Rating 8.0

What does do is offer potential authors the very real challenge of being able to write their very own book. This is why they openly encourage them to post at least ten pages of a book that he or she has already written, or is the in the process of being written, to be highlighted on their website. Because it is all about crowdfunding investments for potential literary works, if an author does list the required ten pages of a book that he or she would like sponsored, and if investors do put shares in the book and these shares are enough to fund the book getting published. The book will then be published as a result of having raised enough funding for it to be published. Writers get between 10% and 20% royalties, while all of the investors do each get a share in the book sales revenues and also a take of 10% from any total sales on said book. is an awesome website in that it not only is inspiring, to many potential authors as a rule, but it also great in that it does support literary ambitions 100% in every way and will help authors to realize their dreams at last of getting published. Anything of this kind is a godsend, and a true blessing to the literary world, for being able to bring out the real talent and potential in a lot of gifted writers who have always wanted to be novelists. makes writing dreams into a reality, and they are full supportive of these dreams in every way that matters most. I give an overall rating of 9.7 for being there to care about writers who are blessed with such great talent. This review mamuna is something that I want to share with everyone else about