CrowdfundCritters Helps Rescue Animals
Added 23/05/2013
Created by galerobinson17
CrowdfundCritters Crowdfunding animal rescue projects.
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Crowdfunding Animals

Introduction: is a crowdfunding platform website with a heart.



Rating 10

Animal rescue is on almost everybody’s mind these days. Crowdfunding, crowd financing, or hyper funding is a network of companies and/or individuals who merge their financial resources for the purpose of supporting a worthy cause, which could include education, scientific research, disaster relief efforts or animal rescue. They also can be utilized for startup financing, civic projects or even movie promotions. But, the most common charitable method of using crowdfunding is for helping.


Rating 10 allows only U.S. projects for dog, cat, horse and other animal rescues. Each project must contain a comprehensible goal, such as dog kennels, food, or pasture seeding for example. There are no equity or stock funding projects allowed. The website is clear-cut and extremely easy to navigate from sign-up to posting a project to donating to a good cause.


Rating 10

The graphics are bright and colorful and, although this is a startup site with no projects posted as of yet, only a sample project, it looks like it will do well and help animals in need. The easy-to-click buttons seem capable of making posting projects and donating easy for anybody, even the technologically challenged. The logo is also colorful and quite cute, appearing to be something that could become really memorable and easily recognizable for branding purposes.


Rating 10

All in all, although it is a bit early to tell, could do a ton of good in raising necessary funds to help animals nationwide. Being an animal lover myself, I just wish all of us could do more to help them since they can’t help themselves and depend on us for their existence. I myself would like to see a lot more of these animal aid crowdfunding sites in the future. Hopefully the government and the SEC won’t make it too difficult to accomplish.


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