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Added 20/05/2013
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'What I Made' is a quirky arts and crafts blog containing an eclectic mix of illustration, decor, gadgets and tutorials all created by Scott Bedford.



Rating 10

The inspiration for this quirky and original blog came to it's creator, Scott Bedford, whilst trying to drink a latte in a well known coffee shop. In a bid to try and amuse his restless young children he started making a simple house like structure from wooden coffee stirrers. This was a success and his children became captivated and even started trying to make their own structures. He realised how much joy there is to gain from making things and how it could be great to share some of his ideas with the world. Not so much with the intention of giving them the means to create a product but more to enjoy and embrace the whole idea of the process involved in making things oneself.

I personally love Scotts ideas and the blog is an inspiration. it's such a great idea to showcase them all under one handy umbrella.


Rating 9.0

As you would expect from a blog site, 'What I made' is very simple to use and navigate. The postings appear in chronological order and appear under time specific headings such as 'What I Made '26' Days Ago'. i like this slightly quirkier and original approach to giving a date as the heading; it marries perfectly with the overall vibe projected from the blog.

Bedford has sorted his postings into categories including: 'Crazy contraptions', 'Dippy doodles', 'Krafty kids', 'Made by Dad', 'Make: Magazine', 'Manic models' and 'Radical recycling'. This allows the more seasoned visitor to the blog to tailor their search in a way that suits them, although to be honest, i could happily just sit and scroll through all the postings as they're so fascinating.


Rating 10

I love the cut and paste / hand-drawn style of this blog. These interestingly original, fun and colorful aesthetics make it a pleasure to browse and navigate. Admittedly, I'm not generally a fan of extremely fussy websites and lose patience very quickly, as my brain just starts going into shutdown mode when greeted with a sea of fuss and chaos. However, It just stands to reason that a site about creating things and enjoying a process, should project such ideals onto it's users. It makes total sense and for this reason it's a total success.

It actually blows me away when I see the level of detail he's given to each individual posting. His beautiful illustration, combined with his quirky ideas marry together perfectly and there's not one single posting that looks dull or uninteresting. Even if you're not a fan of making things, if you have any kind of appreciation of illustration, it's worth checking out the blog just for that.


Rating 9.7

As you've already probably ascertained, I love this blog. Not only does it look great but it it's content is fascinating as well. Whether you giggle at his ingenious snow based game 'The Sledginator' with it's full detailed instructions, or marvel over the '1'ton Lampshade' for kids complete with instructional video, you're guaranteed to find something on the blog that will make you smile and feel inspired.

Thanks to this amazing blog, Scott Bedofrd has won at least two Webby awards and I'm quite sure he will win more. And if the blog isn't enough for you, he has even released a book entitled: 'Made by Dad' - 67 blueprints for making cool stuff.

So what are you waiting for? Dip into his world of fun and inspiring projects and release your inner child!