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Pinterest is an internet version of a traditional scrapbook with inspiring pictures cut out of magazines. It's one of services based on the 'curation' idea - preserving and publishing personalized information.



Rating 9.0

Years ago most teenagers had their own notebooks with inspirational images - they would buy magazines about fashion, nature, cars or just pretty stuff, cut out the best images (often facing the dilemma about which side of the page deserves saving and which destruction), and paste them into a notebook or a poster, creating a collage of 'the things i like'. Using Pinterest is much less messy, no scraps of sticky paper, just a huge supply of pretty images from many fields.


Rating 10

Using pinterest is extremely simple - you just create a profile, choose first 5 'interests' and dive into the unending stream of images. Choose the ones you find appealing and either 'like' or 'pin' them. The 'pinned' images will appear on your profile on one of the thematic 'boards' and the 'like' will just show the person who published it your appreciation. Of course, it's not just about regurgitating images, the more creative users can also upload and share their own.


Rating 10

The whole Pinterest is a a sea of images, mostly good quality and they are all displayed in a pretty way.


Rating 9.7

The most fans of Pinterest are young women with a passion for food, home decoration and fashion, but the site's potential does not end there. It can be a useful tool for artists who could both find inspiration and show their work, teachers who could prepare classes with found images, scientists who could research the current trends, and of course, people who simply enjoy beautiful pictures.