Grouchy Rabbit
Added 15/05/2013
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Grouchy Rabbit Information for successful living.
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Grouchy Rabbit provides what it calls information for successful living. The site includes tips for success, facts, signs that things aren’t going so well, to-do lists and definitions.



Rating 7.0

Those of you familiar with sites like 'Dear blank please blank' and 'I waste so much time' will probably notice a certain degree of similarity with the rather intriguingly named blog based site 'Grouchy Rabbit'. This is mainly down to the fact it comes from the same creators. I actually have no idea what the name alludes to but perhaps this has no relevance; or maybe I'm just a little dim and missing a glaringly obvious point!

Ok so what's the site all about? It's basically a mixing pot of interesting and often humorous facts and musings aimed at providing us with 'information for successful living', all broken down into various categories from which the user can search.


Rating 6.0

Despite the bamboozling nature of the sites meaning, the user experience here is very smooth and easy to navigate, which is perfect considering the nature of the blog. Each new posting has three categories the user can select from in order to generate instant feedback. They include 'Hilarious', 'Boring' and 'What the What?'. They also have the option to leave a comment on the posting. Below there are links to a selection of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The postings can be filtered by clicking on one of the categories found on the right hand side of any page. They include 'Tips for success', 'Facts', 'Signs that things aren't going so well', 'Realized', 'To do list', 'Definitions' and 'Popular'; all of which make sense and are self explanatory. This is a useful inclusion as I would certainly say that some of the categories are far more interesting and funny than others.


Rating 6.0

To be honest, I find the overall layout of this site rather dull. Don't get me wrong, it serves it's purpose and certainly doesn't warrant calling in the aesthetics police. I think the main issue is lack of colour. Using dark grey and white as a colour palette for a site focused on text based entries is a pure recipe for a dull world of blandness. However, I do very much like the quirky header that greets every page. Once again, I have no idea about the meaning with the map etc but it looks great with it's slightly hand rendered aesthetic. I'm guessing the illustrator here is the same that worked on 'Dear blank please blank' and 'I waste so much time'. It would be nice to see a link to a site of their work.


Rating 6.3

In all honesty, I'm a little confused as to the concept behind this site. Like I said, the name and header don't provide any clues as to what the nature of the blog is. Furthermore, I can't find any information on the site that explains what it is about; not even on the 'About' page. Although it is worth checking that page out, as the way it's been written is rather amusing.
Maybe I am over thinking the meaning of 'Grouchy Rabbit' way too much and would be better off just saying flick through the postings and take what you will from them. However, if I was to try and describe this blog to a friend who may be interested in it, I'm not sure how I would go around it. Overall, there are some worthy postings and it's certainly worth taking a look at this blog to see what you make of it yourself.