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Little White Lies Truth & Movies
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Little White Lies is a bi-monthly, British independent movie magazine that features writing, illustration and photography related to cinema. Little White Lies' content is split into six chapters: the lead review, an editorial introduction, a series of articles inspired by the feature film, theatrical reviews, the Back Section, and future releases.



Rating 10

Little White Lies is a side project of London based design agency 'Church of London'. It really comes across as being a labour of love rather than something that's just been strained off the printing press every two months just to make money. The illustrators and designers involved should be very proud of what they've achieved and I'll be surprised if the publication has never been sited as an example of great contemporary design and illustration.

I have been a big fan of the Little White Lies magazine for a number of years now and the website is a perfect accompaniment to a brilliant magazine. You can expect to find a plethora of well written reviews and articles regarding the best independent films currently on offer. What's more, the user not only gets to see the LWL's ratings of particular film releases, they also get to leave their own comments. Sitting alongside the reviews, are a range of interviews from various directors and actors which also link to a great archive.


Rating 10

I literally can't find anyway to criticize the user experience of this site. All it's heading are clear and self explanatory and any potential fluff that could have hindered one here is long gone. The homepage greets the user with the latest additions to the site such as interviews and films currently showing. They also have the option to view specific categories in chronological order by selecting from the list found on the sites header.

There's a great feature that allows one to open a separate page and view various digital versions of previous issues of the magazine. Unfortunately the current version won't be made available to view here but it's certainly a great way to catch up on back issues especially as the printed version can often sell out.


Rating 9.0

The site certainly isn't as beautiful as the magazine and part of me would have loved to have seen elements of the magazine interwoven into the soul of the site. However, beyond the branding, I think this would have been virtually impossible considering how each issue is completely bespoke and unique. Instead they've gone for a safe option with muted colours and a simple layout. This works well and serves it's content well via it's clean and elegant aesthetic. There's never a point where anything on the page feels cluttered or in the way; which no doubt helps it along perfectly to work across different platforms.


Rating 9.7

This is probably quite a controversial comment to make considering I'm reviewing a website but I would recommend that anyone who has an appreciation of great design and illustration, to give their eyes a rest and go out and purchase a copy of this magazine and ogle over it's brilliance live and direct. These days it seems harder and harder to find such beautifully designed magazines, so the fact that this one is dedicated to independent film is just an added bonus. In all fairness, with aesthetics as good as this, the magazine could be about power tools and I'd still recommend it.

Anyway, back on the super highway, the Little White Lies site is the perfect companion to the magazine because it keeps the content fresh and up to date which is definitely needed considering the magazine is only released bi-monthly. And if this isn't enough for all you lovers of independent film out there, the guys at LWL have very kindly created an app that allows you to read all their latest film reviews and to see what releases are showing near you by searching for your nearest cinema.

Avoid this site at your own peril!!!