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Charity, Social Activism, Philanthropy

Introduction: has a rather uncatchy name, but it goes well with the ideology, or rather, the 'philosofree' behind the site. It's all about sharing getting access to opportunities and making the world a better place.



Rating 7.0

<p>The site is inspired by the principles of free economy - sharing tools, resources and skills without the use of money, written agreements and corporations. The founders say that free economy is a 'manifestation of trust, kindness, community and love', and hope to help with the transition from the system of 'greed and fear' ruled with money, to the kind and loving, moneyless one. This vision of the future world might not be very realistic, but the community based arount this site actually works.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>Signing up is of course free - any fees would be contrary to the main idea. New users can mark their location on the map and fill in a questionnaire about the skills, resources, or even land they would like to share. Skill list is very detailed and includes almost any skill you can think of - from languages, science and sports, to Reiki and basket weaving, and list of tools can include anything that mignt be foud useful for someone - from a toster to a wrecking bar. A user, who is in need of a certain object, or a person with a special skill, can use the browser to find them within a reachable destination, and get in touch with the owner of the tool, or a proffesional to discuss the details of sharing. Later, users can post testimonials to describe their experience, or take part in a forum discussion.</p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The layout, created by an ethical web design company, is not breathtaking at all. The site is clear, there are pictures of beautiful landscapes, but the colours can be a bit off-putting. The design of this site seems to be saying 'we don't care about the appearance, the heart is what matters'. It is, after all an ideological site, and not a marketing one.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>Even if someone doesn't believe in the possibility of creating a peaceful, loving and money-free world, it is nice to think that you can easily find someone, who's willing to lend you a screwdriver if you suddenly nead one.</p>