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Introduction: is the internet equivalent of a whiteboard used for brainstorming, or a cork board to pin all the project-related images, texts or symbols. The main thing that makes it different from a real life board is that the project creators don't have to be in the same room during the brainstorming phase, but can add their ideas from different parts of the globe, creating a visual representation of their project together.



Rating 10

The creator of, Mariano Suarez Battan, was working on a game project, and had some trouble with showing his collegues what was 'inside his head' because the elements that inspired him came from a lot of different sources. He could have created emails filled with links, but instead he started thinking about a way to gather the ideas in one place and represent them in a visual way.


Rating 10 is just like a board where you can pin anything you want - pictures from the internet or your own disc, links, texts, symbols, sound files, videos, arrange them in any way you see fit, connect with darts, lines or circles, and create a comprehensive map of your idea. Moreover, you can invite other people to look and contribute as well. Adding files is as easy as it can be, you just drag, drop and adjust the size if needed.
It's possible to connect with Google drive and numerous social networking sites. The system supports most kinds of documents, and file formats, and creates small previevs of a website if a link is added. You don't have to waste time on converting files, just add whatever is needed at the moment, and the site will make it look well on the mural. The space of the mural is really big - you can create ling pathways adorned with picture, soom out to see the whole picture, zoom in to see the detais. In case of a collaboration project, the leader can invite the whole team to see, comment and cooperate.
The site can be used as a brainstorming help, teaching aid, personal idea organization space, photo exhibition, idea map, and for many other purposes.


Rating 10 combines the old fashioned 'cork board' and 'post-it notes' images with the modern way of publishing files from various sources, and creating a multi-format mind map. It looks familiar, yet adventurous. It's easy to create a mural that will be well organized, but also aesthetically pleasing.


Rating 10

This site looks like a brilliant tool for people who need to organize their idea in a visual way, and share their map with others. It's easy to use, well designed, for both individual and collective use. Apart from helping with the separate projects of different groups, this site can also enhance the 'human idea net' as the founder mentioned.