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Added 18/02/2013
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This photo-blog is a creative mix of photos, videos, comics and diagrams that are worth the wasted time.



Rating 5.0

'I waste so much time' doesn't require an awful lot of explaining as its rather wittily named title has gone straight for the jugular and played up to the fact that so many of us (myself included) waste a ridiculous amount of time looking at utter nonsense online.

If you've come across the sites 'Dear blank please blank' and 'Grouchy Rabbit', there's a large chance that you will also enjoy wasting time here, especially as all the aforementioned were created by the same team. The user gets to scroll through various postings including photos, cartoon strips and video clips, added on a regular basis. I won't spoil the gags here but I recommend checking out these postings: 'If condoms have sponsors', 'How to make money from Facebook' and 'How to pony tail. single Dad edition'.

It is worth noting at this point that 'I waste so much time' is currently still in beta, so you might find that by the time you have read this review, things have moved on some what, in which case you might want to disregard some of my comments. However, I can only base my comments on the current incarnation of the blog.


Rating 7.0

As with the other sites from the creators of 'I waste so much time', the user experience is very smooth and pain free, so no complaints there. Each new posting has three categories the user can select from in order to give instant feedback. They include 'Awesome', 'What the What?' and 'Boring'. Underneath are a selection of social media buttons inkling to the usual suspects such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If one decides to click on the posting, they will be greeted by a more elaborate page including a comments section and a recommendations section. It's a good sign that the postings are receiving comments which proves the site is getting a decent amount of traffic. However, the standard of comments left leaves something to be desired and smacks of the juvenile remarks I'm so used to seeing on Youtube full of unnecessary expletives and horrendous text speak.

The useful navigation bar found at the top of every page is predominantly a filtering system that allows the user to view postings from specific categories. These include: 'Popular', 'What the What?', 'Top Images', 'Random', 'Submit' and 'About us'.


Rating 6.0

The general layout of the site is clean and simple with it's predominately white background peppered with dark grey panels that form the perfect contrast between the two. When it comes to the logo, I just can't work out the concept behind it especially because I can't figure out what the black outlined shapes around the text are supposed to represent. The red font could benefit from being slightly heavier, as it feels some what lost on the stark white background. Overall, something in the back of my mind tells me that I really shouldn't like this logo but for some strange reason I simply do.


Rating 6.0

There's a lot of content to be found here, so it's certainly easy to waste ones time. However, I feel I should make it clear at this point how, in my humble opinion, there's a lot of postings that are somewhat archaic and, dare I say, chauvinistic in there style of humour. They feel reminiscent of gags from times in a way too patriarchal past where women would often be the butt of male jokes. Surely we are now at a point in our lives where we can find other things to laugh at that aren't so backward? I really don't want to come across like the joke police, especially on a social media based site but it would be nice to think that the contributors to the blog could find slightly less irresponsible content to add. Quite a shame as I would have given this blog a slightly hire score.