Attack of the cute!?!
Added 06/02/2013
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Attack of the Cute is a popular photo blog that contains many adorable pictures and videos of animals.



Rating 3.0

Aaaarggh, so it had to happen! A blog featuring a plethora of cute animal photos which one gets to leave feedback on in various ways. Well I guess it's no surprise that a site of this nature has materialised considering just how many 'cute' animal pictures there are sailing the seven seas of the planet internet. And if that isn't enough to warm your cockles (or not), then you can also use their 'versus' section to compare two different 'cute' images and decide which is the cutest.


Rating 6.0

'Attack of the Cute' is a very simple site to use and navigate. It's got everything one would expect from a blog and runs in chronological order, making the whole user experience smooth and pain free. The main screen gives the user the option to click on one of three buttons appearing underneath each photo. They consist of: 'It's so cute', 'It's so fluffy' or 'Meh...'. At this stage, they also have the usual social media links including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If they decide to click on the photo, they will be guided to a slightly more elaborate screen featuring only the chosen image. Here they still have the same options as before, only this time with the addition of a comments section which allows them to write until their hearts are content on how much they love the cute little animal they've just been admiring.

The main navigation bar found at the top of every page contains links to other pages such as 'Popular', 'Random', 'Submit' and 'About us'. These are all self explanatory, although as I mentioned previously there is a 'Versus' section that allows the user to vote on images they prefer. Each day, the images with the most votes will be listed as the winners.


Rating 8.0

My favourite element of this site is the logo. The big headed, hand rendered animals are erm, cute (please excuse me, I must be having a moment). Seriously though, it's very well executed and the bright orange band combined with the white sans serif text juxtaposes perfectly with the black and white illustration. I love the fact that the animals periodically change when ones browser is refreshed. Unfortunately, I'm not quite as enthused about the rest of the blog. Don't get me wrong, it does the trick and it's certainly innocuous enough but it's just a shame how some of the creativity that penetrates the inner core of the logo hasn't oozed out into the sparse understated white landscape forming the body of the blog. I have to admit that a site showcasing photographic images, needs to have a degree of subtly but this is just a bit too disappointing after seeing such a great logo.


Rating 5.7

The only thing that would bring me back to this cringe worthy blog is the logo but to be honest, even that isn't enough. Having looked at some of the other blogs from 'Attack of the Cute's' creators, I think there could be a chance that the tongue is intended to be placed firmly in the cheek when browsing this site. However, I personally don't see any irony in it and I would sooner gauge my eye out on a rusty nail than sit at my desk voting on which fluffy little puppy looks the cutest! Sorry guys, I'll stick with the humour thanks!