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Added 01/02/2013
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Indiegogo, created in 2008 is a crowdfunding site that helped to fund and organize over 100,000 campaigns so far. The most famous campaigns include funding great holidays for Karen Klein - a bus driver visciously bullied by a group of adolescents, and collecting money for the Nicola Tesla museum. Both campaings raised more money than was planned.



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Everyone gets a brilliant idea once in a while, but a devastating majority of those ideas never get realized. One of the obstacles every imaginative person has is lack of money to fulfil a wild dream. We often think that we should focus on spending all money on reasonable, useful things, and not dreams. There is a way, however, to legally get money to fund almost anything we imagine, with the help of people who would also like to see the idea realized – crowdfunding. Indiegogo is probably the best platform to do that.


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A person who feels like supporting a bunch of creative people might take a look at the catalogue of all projects, and choose whatever seems the most tempting, donate money and receive perks. The catalogue of projects is organised on the basis of region and type – ‘cause’ (animals, health etc.), ‘creative’ (dance, film etc.) and ‘entrepreneurial’ (food, business). Also, the most popular projects are highlighted, one can also check out the ones who didn’t receive much money. Perks are rewards, set by the project authors to show the appreciation for the funders, for example a membership on the site they are developing, an invitation to the event they are organizing or a personalized heraldic shield in the center of the village they are building.
People who want to advertise their idea can do it in an easy way too – just describe the project, add a video to make it more tempting, set the amount of the money they need and the period of time they want to devote to get it. Also, they need to say what kind of donations they want and what perks they are willing to give for which amount of money.
What if the campaign fails to collect the required sum of money? Then, if the creators decided to use the cheaper option of ‘fixed funding’, the money is returned to the founders, and the authors pay 4% of what they’ve collected to the site. If they chose the second option – ‘flexible funding’, they can keep the money, but leave 9% of it for Indiegogo.


Rating 10

Despite many different ideas and images, the site is very consistent, and well designed, with tasteful colors and adorable icons. The projects are described in a clear manner and the search engine is intuitive. Even for a person who doesn’t want to donate their money, a visit to Indiegogo might be a fascinating trip to the world of creative enthusiasts and their wild ideas.


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Indiegogo is one of the sites which prove that Internet can be a way to bring people together and help them achieve their goals. It shows that each of us can advertise the idea and find people willing to help realize it. Of course, not all projects easily get the full funding, and even if they do it is just a step in the long process, but still, it is nice to know there is a possibility like that any of us can access.