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Added 22/01/2013
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Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson have created a site, Dear Blank, Please Blank, featuring user submitted sarcastic letters that are funny, smart, and often excellent at pointing out what we're all thinking.



Rating 7.0

'Dear blank please blank' is a nice concept and I haven't really come across anything else quite like it. It's a very simple idea that allows its contributers to have a little dig or rant at something via a small slice of sarcasm presented in the form of a short letter. For example:
Dear Arthur,
Are you a mouse or an aardvark? Please make up your mind.
Sincerely, my childhood was a lie.


Rating 7.0

On entering the site, the user can instantly scroll through the latest entries. Besides all the usual social media links, there are also five buttons consisting of 'How Dare They', 'You're a Douche', 'Hilarious', 'I like This', 'Umm WTF?'. By clicking one of the aforementioned, the user is automatically submitting feedback depending on what they thought of the posting in question. The same categories also appear at the top of every page, allowing the user to filter and view the postings accordingly. The final filtering system allows one to sort by the headings 'Today', 'This week', 'This Month' and 'All Time', which are all pretty self explanatory.

In the 'About' section, there's a rather amusing statement regarding submissions. I would like to talk about it here but that would be spoiling it. Just go and take a look and simply keep the words 'cat' and 'tuna' in mind! These guys have a very good sense of humour.


Rating 6.0

The layout of the site is very simple and I'm certain it won't win any awards for groundbreaking design and layout. However, it's appearance is certainly innocuous and uncluttered, which succeeds in being easy on the eye. Despite its predominantly black and white facade, the splashes of yellow used throughout manage to lift everything from the depths of drabness. This is reinforced by the use of the vintage black and white photography used at the top of every page; I'm always a sucker for this kind of style and the choice of images are good and relatively amusing. It's a neat inclusion that they change every time one refreshes their browser.


Rating 6.7

'Dear blank please blank' is the kind of site that can be a good time filler whilst giving the user a bit of a giggle at the same time. I wouldn't say it's the epitome of all things funny but to be quite frank, it beats the endless hours of time that so many people spend on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. It's simplicity makes it easy to dip in and out of for a spoonful of laughter via it's bite sized chunks of wit. Thanks to the fact that there's a regular stream of new posts added, one certainly gets the urge to revisit. All in all, a great little site.