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Added 26/10/2012
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Snapguide Snapguide allows you to share your passions & expertise.
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The word 'snap' has a lot of meanings, it can be associated with something really quick or with taking a photo. Both associations work fine with this site, which is filled with photo guides that can be quickly created and read.



Rating 9.0

Guides and instructions sites become increasingly popular, but in some cases, the process of taking, editing and uploading is complicated and discouraging. The vision of a simple to use instructions site and app appeared in the minds of the creators when they were trying to publish a decent bread-baking guide. It turned out not as easy as they wanted, so they realised that a better way is needed - and created Snapguide. It's not only an internet site, but also a phone app, which makes making and publishing guides even faster.


Rating 10

Snapguide has hundreds of intriguing guides, from cooking, crafting and makeup to rather surprising ideas (how to peel eggs using lung power or how to make a 'brain hemorrage' drink). There are lots of guides, neatly grouped into 17 thematic categories. You can also browse them by keywords and follow your favorite users, comment or like. Snapguide is connected to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so the social side of the site is welldeveloped as well.

Adding guides is intuitive and easy, but requires downloading a free app, so it can't be done on a pc. Once you download the app, you get a guide template which can be filled with pictures, videos, captions and a supply list of necessary things. The template idea makes all the guides similar, but it's a good thing, since all the focus is on the content, and the photos and captions are perfectly displayed.


Rating 9.0

Snapguide looks just great both on a computer and iPhone or tablet screen. Its equally easy to find a guide you really need as it is to just start browsing through all the ideas. The photos, despite being mostly ameteur, are pretty and colourful, which makes the guides tempting to see, even if they refer to things we might not really need.


Rating 9.3

Many instructions sites are interesting and show how much imagination and creative powers people have, but they also requie quite a lot of work with taking pics, downloading and editing them. Snapguide, thanks to the app and template function makes the whole process much faster and easier, so anyone could add a tutorial while doing something he thinks is worth sharing. There is a lot of inspiration to be found, both regarding guite complex things like a Freddy Krueger glove to totally easy ones like a cooking an egg. You might not learn to build an ecological plastic bottle hut like on Instructables, but still Snapguide can teach you a lot, and also let you share the things you can teach others.