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Parenthood For Women


Parents, especially mothers are becoming a large and influential group of internet users. They gather together not only to talk about their kids, but also discuss products, traditions, and even take part in ideological debates and fight for their causes (against the breastfeeding photos censorship on Facebook for example). Moms are a formidable group, and now they have yet another place to gather in –



Rating 7.0 is a child of eHow, the biggest tutorial and advice site so far. After eHow launched a site tailored to mothers’ needs, it proved so massively popular that a separate community soon appeared. features not only typical ‘how’ advice, but also latest news, discussions, links to interesting sites, reviews or accessories and galleries. This could be a site where a busy mother could find a lot of useful information quickly, and also be entertained and get a chance to get in touch with people.


Rating 9.0 inherited the proven and professional design from eHow, so it’s really well made. New users can create their profiles along with information about their kids’ ages. This feature adjust the content of the site, for example I got extra sites called ‘tween’ and ‘toddler’ with articles related to my kids’ ages. Apart from the age sections, the content is segregated thematically to ‘parenting’, ‘food’, ‘style’, ‘home’, ‘mind & body’ and finally ‘fun’. You can either browse the categories or use the search box and keywords. Some of the content is provided by specialists, in forms of articles, and some comes directly from moms in form of questions, discussions and advice. The can also ‘ask the expert’ and get a professional response.
The fun section is mostly about celebrity gossip and products, no games or videos so far. There’s also a section with the very popular list making feature, where everyone can post their ’10 favorite things’ , ‘things to do’ or any other set of information or ideas.
It’s really easy to find information, but not all pieces of content are equally valuable. Some ‘expert articles’ look a bit like product advertisements, suggesting ‘must have’ products which are really not that necessary, while some mom to mom discussions might be simply not reliable or even filled with harmful stereotypes.


Rating 9.0

The site is lovely, filled with pretty pics of children, nice objects, colourful food.. It’s easy and enjoyable to jump from one section to another, even if the information is often repeated.


Rating 8.3

At the first sight appears very pretty and filled with lots of content, but after a while you may notice that the presented information is not really revolutionary, and a person who has kids and is conscious about parenting might not learn much. However, learning is not always the most important point in mom-meetings, both in the real world and online. The more important part is sharing, and this can be easily done through this page, through questions, discussions or private messages.