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Added 02/10/2012
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GuySpeak What guys are really saying.
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Every day millions of arguments start all over the planets just because of misunderstandings between the two sexes. Women assume men should know something, men think women understand, but they usually don’t so it ends in conflicts that could be prevented if only we all knew a bit more about the opposite sex.

Women have lots of literature, magazines and forums where they talk about their secrets, while men tend to be more secretive about their own mind, causing the nasty stereotype of a simple, and sex obsessed creature to grow. Women often complain that men simply don’t want to talk about their feelings and explain things, so they should be really pleased with the opportunity to ask any questions they have and finally get answers!



Rating 10

The site is an interesting contrast to the huge amount of all the advice magazines written by women for women. Cosmopolitan, for example, usually features an article about ‘how to understand what your man is saying’ but usually they are the products of female authors’ imagination and not facts provided by the men. GuySpeak offers information straight from the source.


Rating 8.0

The activity on the site is quite simple – users choose one of the guys they want to ask, post the question and wait for the answer. In the meantime they can browse through previous answers, see ‘the best’ or check out the dictionary of menspeak.

There are 6 ‘experts’, each with a slightly different personality and response style. They are said to reflect the spectrum of male personalities, so we have the ‘funny guy’ who is nice and humorous, the ‘reformed player’ who knows all about bad boys, or the ‘wise-ass’ who will share information rather than jokes and compliments.

The answers are divided into groups based on the guy who answers, but can also be accessed through keywords, and the ‘trending topics’ cloud.


Rating 9.0

GuySpeak looks well, it’s very intuitive, the window for entering questions is large and easy to find, the answers are pleasant to read. The only confusing part is the ‘Best of the week’ with links written in one long line of tiny letters. Each of the experts photos nicely reflects his personality (the Mystery Man is wearing a hat, the Player has an arrogant smile, and the Geek looks a bit insecure).


Rating 9.0

The site definitely fits well into a real and inhabited niche, and despite being entertaining and not entirely serious, can provide the users with some real, first-hand information about the mysterious processes happening in the mind of a standard man. Of course, it would be a mistake to assume that all male humans are exactly like the 6 gentlemen who answer the questions, but I’m sure the site could help clear some confusion.

This site can also be interesting for men, because they could see what issues the ladies find especially troublesome and misterious, and maybe use that to talk to their partners.