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Added 18/06/2009
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Scrapblog Create a world for your pictures.
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Scrapbooking used to be a hobby for kids and adults, and a way to create memory albums, invitations and personal postcards. lets us do the same, but without messy glue stains and piles of cut paper.



Rating 10

This site is for creating scrapbooks - using pictures from the internet, or one's own, putting them together to form a personal project, such as an invitation, greeting card or a photo album. Then, the user's works can be shared with other users from the same site, posted on other forums or printed and delivered. It's a user friendly site that allows people who are not experts of Photoshop to enjoy making useful computer graphics and see them come to life.


Rating 10

A new user who feels a bit lost can watch a short introduction film, where all the steps are explained in a friendly and clear manner. Then, the user can create a profile, upload pictures and arrange and transform then either on an empty page, or on a default theme (wedding invitation, kids, pets and seasonal greetings) and then transform the elements, change their position and size, add more shapes, text balloons, stickers, and whatever he or she finds fitting. Pictures can be downloaded from the user's computer or taken from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Flickr</a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Picasa</a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Photobucket </a>or <a href="" rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>. The best scrapbooks are featured on the main page, unless the authors decide to keep them private, which is reasonable in case of scrapbooks containing personal pictures. offers a printing service, so the user's creations, including boxes, book covers, cards and invitations can be printed and shipped to his house.


Rating 8.0

The site looks really nice, and has a family feel to it, but without any unnecessary decorations. It's easy to navigate, instructions are everywhere, and the graphic program is easy to use and intuitive.


Rating 9.3

This site is a really useful place for people who want to be creative, and want to make personalized gifts, but aren't necessary planning on taking an advanced computer graphics course. It can be used by both kids and adults.