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Added 18/06/2009
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The Scene's tag line is 'to connect you with the hottest places, people and events in your area'. And this is exactly what the site is about - to find the best places to have fun in, share comments and criticism and find people who enjoy visiting the same places.



Rating 7.0

<p>The main topic of this service are party places. Which one's are the best, which are not so trendy, which are expensive, or cheap, and in general - where should I go to have fun? Unfortunately, the contents will not be helpful for residents of Moscow, Tokyo or Athens, because the site features only cities from America, Australia, Canada and UK.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>The site contains a database of party venues, with descriptions, photos and users' comments. Users can click on 'i go there' button, and the result will be displayed, so it's clearly visible which places are most popular among the users of The Scene. Users' profiles contain little information (age and location) but lots of pictures taken during wild party nights. Users can add each other's to their friends' groups, or follow each other. There's also an events section divided into categories (art, bowling etc.)</p>


Rating 3.0

<p>The layout is clear, but not very interesting, but it doesn't draw the attention off the users' photos which are the most colourful and diverse elements of the site.</p>


Rating 6.0

<p>I think this site can be useful for heavy party goers, who are always on the hunt for new, exciting places, new drinks and people to meet. It's probably a good place for someone, who wants to develop his social circle in a new city, because he or she can first make friends online and then follow them literally to a party. Those, who prefer to keep to their favourite pub, or invite friends for tea and biscuits will not find much useful information on TheScene.</p>