Gist - a new way of organizing contacts
Added 18/06/2009
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Professional Relations


The creators of Gist come from a variety of companies, such as Whitepages, Jobster, Infospace, Go2Net and Microsoft. They are well aware of the invasion of addresses, dates, websites, RSS feeds, messages, and the growing span of our social networks. Nowadays, people need more than a notebook to get organized, and can easily loose an important piece of information, letter or an announcement in the flood of irrelevant messages. Gist has some innovative ways of dealing with that.



Rating 8.0

<p>The new approach to social networking is combining the useful information with strengthening the bonds between people. We often loose contacts, because we forget about important dates, or we don't have someone's address when its needed.</p>


Rating 9.0

<p>As soon, as we start Gist, it integrates with our LinkedIn profile, Outlook and Gmail, and creates a database of addresses, important dates, emails and attachments, useful links, and other things we may need. After uploading all the information, which may take a while the first time, we get a dashboard with news, updates and links. We can click on each contact and see his or her recent tweets, posts, news relating to that person and shared contacts. Again, if it was just a database divided to categories, users might become confused after a while, about what is the most important piece of news, and what is removable spam. Gist offers a tool for setting the importance of particular contacts, and the most important ones appear at the top of the page, while those of lesser importance will wait quietly at the bottom. The most recent feature allows the users to set the kind of information they want to see, and which updates they don't care about and would rather ignore. Not everybody considers the change of someone's photo to be an important update, so, they will not have receive information about that.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>The site looks surprisingly easy to navigate, even though there's a huge amount of information in it. It's pleasant to look at and not overwhelming.</p>


Rating 8.3

<p>This site may become a hit, especially among business people with lots of important contacts to deal with. It's more than just an address book, and more than a networking site. It can make organizing information, and keeping contacts much easier and efficient than the sites which attempted to do that before.</p>