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Added 16/06/2009
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At first, Twitter inspired programes were based on sending text messages to friends and followers, describing more or less "what's going on in my life at the moment". Elements, a new service created by Hideshi Hamaguchi and Toru Takasuka allows the users to post photos to show "what am I looking at right now".



Rating 8.0

<p>The idea for this site comes from a Japanese saying "ichi-go ichi-e," which means "one chance, one meeting." One should refresh the mind, and look at something new, snap out of routine every once in a while. The site gives the opportunity to see a glimpse of someone else's life, post one's own images and share inspiration.</p>


Rating 6.0

<p>Each user can post images (the link to the original site appear as well, which lowers the risk of copyright problems), that is, photos, quotes, pictures, or posters. A visitor, or other user will see the posted picture on a black background, and can choose one of the 4 actions: "explore" (and see the next random picture), "I like it" (and see a similar picture), "post it" (and the picture will be send to friends and followers) or "create" (post a picture)</p>


Rating 5.0

<p>The site is created in a simple and tasteful Japanese style. It is mostly black, with a couple of buttons on it. Most pictures look good on the black background, and lack of shining and colorful elements allows the users to focus on the pictures. Some users, however, might feel a bit depressed or bored with the layout.</p>


Rating 6.3

<p>The site is original and interesting, and might become a way to get or create inspiration, but it will probably not get a massive number of users, because of the lack of customization options. Most networking sites develop through adding more functionalities, applications, and decorations, and Elements is based on simplicity, which might appeal to a limited number of users, but not to masses.</p>