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Tumblr is in a way the essence of modern internet. It's an amazing collection of nearly 60 million blogs, filled with both original and regurgiated content, and an interesting indicator of new trends and ideas.



Rating 8.0

This site is halfway between regular blogging platforms such as Blogger of Wordpress and Twitter with its 140 character limit. Here, the users can post photos, both their own, and borrowed, videos, texts or links, and throw all of the content on personalized page. The profile is a bit like a box with favorite things people used to have in the pre-internet days, only you get to show it to the world, and can constantly add new things.


Rating 9.0

Tumblr is based on simplicity and functionality, and it is indeed very easy and intuitive to use. From the visitor's point of view, the site is a huge collection of images and other content, that you can explore through links, personal sites, tags or content featured on the main page. A Game of Thrones fan, for example, could type 'Melissandre' in the tag window and immediately receive a huge collection of official photos of the character, original drawings, lego or doll versions of her, comments about the latest episodes, and of course some random and unrelated things.

Once you had enough of exploring and want to share things too, you can create a profile, which takes just a few minutes. There are many templates to choose from, both free and paid, the more advanced users can create their own. Adding new content is really easy, just a copy-paste of a link or choosing a file from one's own computer. All added content immediately appears on the site in a place determined by the layout.

Tumblr does not have a lot of the typical 'social networking' features, just profiles with a short description, and an 'ask me anything' feature, which enables the users to ask each other questions (without the possibility to post links, to avoid spam).


Rating 10

Tumblr is a pleasure to use and to look at. The dashboard is filled with large, intuitive buttons, and the personalized pages, even the ones with the strangest templates are still well organized and not cluttered or ugly.


Rating 9.0

Tumblr can be perceived as a random mess, or as a wonderful collection of treasures. It is a great tool for people who enjoy surfing the internet and delight in the variety of images, quotes, jokes and videos, and need a place to store them for later and share with others. It can be either a personal gallery with original art, used as a portfolio, or just a 'treasure box' or an expression of one's personality and tastes. This variety of possible uses make it a good choice for a wide range of people - from casual surfers, to artists or trendsetters. Despite not having the typical 'social networking' features, it is a place that connects people and helps them find kindred souls.