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Added 28/05/2012
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The site was created by a bunch of social media and art enthusiasts who thought there's not enough internet places for artists to publish and advertise their work and get in touch with potential customers. Despite being in different locations, they managed to create a thriving portal.



Rating 7.0

The problem that most artist face is actually getting in touch with potential buyers. There are many galleries in the internet which feature the work of both professional and amateur artists, but most galleries, such as DeviantArt of Flickr are rather informal and can't be considered 'real portfolios'. Artician tries to provide the users with a platform to exhibit their pictures, photos and other works in a professional way.


Rating 6.0

Galleries are the most important part of the site. They are divided into categories (digital art, photography, literature) and a visitor can access a particular gallery through one of the images shown in the particular category. There are other browsing methods - through tags or the search window where you can type the name of the artist or a keyword. Mostly, the user accesses the artist through an image that caught his eye, and the images are promoted on the site, not artists themselves. The miniatures on the main site have the title of the work, but not the artist's name on them. You have to click and enter the gallery to find out who created that piece, while it might be more beneficial for the authors if their names were more visible.
There are also some social networking features like thematic groups, blogs and announcements, but they look rather disorganized. For now, there's a small number of groups, but once it grows, finding the one you're interested in might be troublesome, bacause they are just listed in chronological order. Exploring the site, despite the interesting and artistic content is not delightful, but a bit frustrating.


Rating 4.0

The site looks decent, but it's created out of well known elements and colors and doesn't offer anything original. Since it's about promoting art, it could be a bit more artistic itself to fit the contents better. The side menu looks a bit too technical, it would fit a forum or a catalog of everyday subjects, but doesn't look well with artistic images. The 'discussion' site looks like an old school forum, and there are many better ways to design a forum, than to put a folder icon next to each topic. The site is not really bad, but it lacks the flair that an 'artistic' site could have.


Rating 5.7

It's impossible not to compare Artician do Behance. They have the same goal - to promote artists and let them use the site as a home for their portfolio. However, the execution of the idea is different, Behance concentrates more on the artists, their cooperation and business approach, while Artician looks more like a random gathering of images. Behance allows peopel to browse the galleries and see only the works that are for sale, Artician does not have that feature. Also, Behance is simply much more intuitive, pretty and easy to explore. In comparison, Artician looks rather pale. It's still a decent place to post your art, but just not the best one.