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Added 16/06/2009
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GamerDNA is called 'Facebook for gamers', and is a place for those who enjoy playing games, and sharing information about them. It's a place dovoted entirely to games - no forums on other topics, news about the real world and real life information. Only heroes, wizards and  sorceresses, epic weapons, dungeons, dragons, fame and glory.



Rating 7.0

<p>This site is a perfect place for people who play games passionately and want to discuss them with others, but don't want to be limited by one-game forums, or stuck between forums on different topics. It's a site, where gamers can do what they enjoy most - boast about their characters and achievements, get fame points, fulfill challenges and find friends.</p>


Rating 7.0

<p>Because of the target, the profile pages are designed in a different way than the usual ones. Here, we rarely have real life photos, but rather pictures of in-game characters. Then there is a list of games played, instead of 'attended schools, and a list of guilds, instead of thematic forums. The users can also fill in a 'gamerDNA' test, which shows their dominating traits while playing games (social, exploratory, maybe reward-driven?) and answer 'attitude questions' about their style of playing, characters, relationships etc. There are also achievements, based on the ones used in for example XBOX games, that is, awards and titles given for completing challenges, such as inviting a number of friends, posting a number of messages, etc. Users who are most active and helpful gain fame points, and might receive titles such as 'apprentice', 'hero', or ultimately 'legend'.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>The site is designed in dark colours with an add of radioactive green, which can be a bit depressing after a while. Also, the menus are rather messy, and difficult to navigate.</p>


Rating 6.0

<p>GamerDNA has lots of features that makes it attracive for people used to challenges, socializing online and exploring, so passionate players feel at home there. It gives the opportunity to explore new games, advertise one's character and share knowledge about the most common traits and tastes of a large group of gamers.</p>