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Added 16/05/2012
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Problems with broken appliances are a plague of modern times, and the more complex our equipment gets, the more specialized instructions we need to solve them. Internet is full of ideas about how to fix this or that, but a user in need usually has to go on a long and desperate search to find out exactly what is wrong and what to do. FixYa might make that process more efficient.



Rating 7.0

FixYa is about connecting people who have some trouble with malfunctioning objects with experts who know exactly what to do with them. So instead of asking friends, neighbors or random internet strangers, FixYa users can post a precise description of their problem and wait for an appropriate expert to give advice.


Rating 6.0

The site looks a bit confusing at first sight, but once the user decides to submit the questions, things clear up. There is a box for the 'title of the question', product it deals with and details. Once entered it falls into groups related to the product and the general category (electronics, motors, computers, jewelry). The user can post the question and wait for an answer, or check out similar questions, or the whole set relating to the product he's interested in. Of course, there are products that will not be found in the database, and there's definitely more information about brand new technologies than antique ones. You can find a lot of information about Sony Playstation than an old washing machine.

Since some products raise more questions than others and there's a chance that the new user might want to find out more about them, the site features a 'Top products' slideshow. There you can see the 'most asked about' products with a visit counter, and can immediately go to that product's section. Before posting a question, the user can read about the troublesome appliance to check if anyone had similar problems. Unfortunately, not all users do that, and the moderators don't remove repeated questions, so in some cases, there are hundreds of very similar ones for example 'how to unlock a BlackBerry phone'. Each page with a problem also has links to what the viewers of this page also visited and links to 'unsolved problems' connected with the product, if there are any.

Experts who decide to grace FixYa with their knowledge earn points for providing helpful answers - the number of points determines the expert's level, and soon they will be used to get real gifts, so the experts will be rewarded for their help with more then internet prestige.


Rating 6.0

FixYa is all about sharing specific, detailed information, so there's little need for decoration. Good organization and clarity are much more important. In this respect, the site looks well, once the user learns where to look for the information he needs. There might be some improvements, like reducing the number of repeating questions, or the size of the advertisements which sometimes appear in the middle of the column confusing the user. Custom icons that show what category the question belongs to are intuitive and quite pretty.


Rating 6.3

This site is not about entertainment, fun or beauty, so it doesn't offer any content of this sort. It's a source of technical information, organized in a clear manner, a place where you can get a reliable answer to your question. Asking a question on FixYa might be a much better solution than digging through dozens of random internet sites hoping to get a precise solution.