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Added 18/04/2012
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Chicismo Real fashion on real people
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The motto of the site is: 'real fashion on real people', it's about people who aren't designers, models or stylists, but just love great clothes and want to share their 'looks', get feedback and inspire others.



Rating 7.0

The media are overflown with fashion advice and pictures of unrealistic photoshopped models wearing expensive designers’ clothes. Normal people with average sizes often fell lost and confused about what to wear and how to get inspired with fashion collections, because they have no idea how those things would look on themselves. That's why they want to see how those fashions look like people who don't have models' sizes, and how clothes from different brands can be combined to create a tasteful outfit.


Rating 9.0

The most important part of the site are users’ pictures. Most of them are lovely ladies wearing trendy clothes, so browsing through them is a pleasure, even for someone who doesn’t care much about fashion. Photos are tagged with the brands of depicted clothes, so if you’re intrigued with one of the items, you can click on the tag and see other users wearing clothes of that brand, or go straight to the shop.
Users can express their admiration through ‘likes’ and comments, and can also follow their favourite fashionistas.
A site like that would not be complete without some sort of award system, here we have pretty flowers, which are a cute match for the whole fashion and beauty theme. Flowers are given for getting the most popularity and ‘likes’, for supporting one brand with 3 consecutive ‘looks’, for being ‘the best fashionista’ in a country.
The community is global and has several language versions, but the main content – descriptions of ‘looks’ and comments is not translated, only the categories of clothes, and some parts of the main menu, so the non-english versions are a bit inconsistent.


Rating 9.0

Chicismo is pretty, clear and intuitive and adorned with lovely details, such as the flower badges. The users’ photos are well displayed, the brands logos visible, but not annoying. Details in bright pink go well with the feminine theme and the site is very pleasant to look at.


Rating 8.3

I think Chicismo serves the purpose described in the motto – it does show fashionable, designers’ clothes in various combinations on real people. Ladies who post their photos decide what to wear themselves, they are not aided by professional stylists. They just show the contents of their own wardrobe, and their own unique taste, and can be an inspiration for other people who want to look chic.