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Deezer is a French born, web and mobile based music streaming service that provides users with a huge library of popular music both new and old for streamed listening, on and offline.



Rating 7.0

Users can access a huge number of songs and albums online and an even larger selection of streaming radio stations, new and popular albums and user playlists. Your own playlists can be created and shared and new music can be discovered through searching lists of popularity, genres, friends listening, hot trends and Deezer team recommendations. Premium versions are available for a monthly subscription fee unlocking the benefits of unlimited downloads and advert free listening.


Rating 8.0

As a web and app based platform - Deezer is very straight forward. A well designed and comprehensible interface that requires little effort to find the very best in new and popular sounds. Users can discover 'their new favourite artists' through the huge number of Radio channels and 'whats hot' recommendations showcasing over 15 million songs of popular, new music. Finding the popular music is exactly what Deezer is great for, though there are some drawbacks on providing the experience of a unique 'discovery'. A lot of the music on here is already rife among many other music service providers, leaving little exclusivity or originality for the service. However, Deezer's provision of new music at a high quality with a reliable and unfaltering technology platform that is quick and simple to respond makes up for this. Often other music providers forgo the basics in order to be innovative and unique in their field, though Deezer has quietly opted for the basics at an efficient level.

The radio functionality of Deezer allows users to plug into a pre conceived playlist centred around a music brand or artist style. You are then allowed to skip 2/3 tracks ahead until prompted to stop until the radio stream plays out. A limitation I both liked and disliked at the same time. I appreciated the restriction of play being forced to listen but being a natural track 'skipper' it compelled me to turn off.

One fundamental issue with Deezer was the lack of integration into live events, or connections with LastFM listening habits and feedback of the user data. I expected to connect to my Song Kick or LastFM accounts in order to analyse my listening habits deeper so I could customise Deezer recommendations back to me. However none of these connections are available aside from a very limited ability to connect and login with Facebook and Twitter for music sharing purposes. Users are encouraged to network within the Deezer user community sharing music and playlists but this kind of user adoption is only popular if it is truly integrated (much like spottify using Facebook as a network basis), which for Deezer it isn't.


Rating 8.0

The layout on both the phone app and web based app platform are visually well balanced between album artwork, Deezer Multi-color EQ logo and a traditional black control surface. A simple menu with uncomplicated windows leads the user round visually rich menus of their own playlists - radio streams - new music, popular trending sounds and album artwork. Users are able to able to access their account and favourite music in almost exactly the same way via the mobile app as they are the web based app, in order to download their music to listen to later in 'offline mode' but only within the Deezer app itself.


Rating 7.7

As a simple music streaming service that provides reliable quality and fresh and popular music that's genuinely good to indulge in, Deezer performs to expectation. For more advanced listeners there is the option to build playlists and share them out onto social networks, but for the more demanding music consumer that wants their listening to go further and be accessed and recorded for further and more accurate music discovery the buck stops here. Deezers app and online music service definitely has a future and they have maintained a focus on the important fundamentals for the digital music consumer; quality and reliable technology which is evident in their service. A great, uncomplicated music stream for the more discerning music fan.