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Added 25/03/2012
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Mentormob is a place where you can go and learn things, in a quick and efficient way. Here, people add and compile tutorials, videos, descriptions and organize them in order to allow others get the most accurate answers to their questions.



Rating 7.0

The creators of Mentormob enjoy finding new information, and as any other internet users they have experienced some frustration while doing it. Finding inappropriate or dead sites, places that seem to match the keywords, but in reality are about something completely different, and spam – this all awaits a person on a google search quest.


Rating 8.0

The site works with content submitted by users. They enter topic and everything they find that concerns it – videos, articles, photos, and then organize them in ‘steps’, from the most basic information to the more complicated or advanced. For example, the section called ‘how to tie ropes’ begins with a video tutorial with several basic knots, followed by a description of several more complex ones, then a list of knots used by sailors. A person who is interested in that topic might go through all the steps, or stop at some point when they feel they have learned enough.

The playlists can be edited by registered users, who can add and remove information, or change the order of the steps if they feel that it’s not accurate. Users can also add comment, Facebook likes, Google+ points and tweets, or mark an ‘I know this’ box to let other users know what they’ve just learned. Users can either browse through playlists divided into thematic categories, such as ‘Academia and school’, ‘Family & Relationships’, ‘How-to & DIY’ and several other or look for a specific topic using keywords.

Creating lists is intuitive and easy, you just have to choose the category, write the title and description and add files you find appropriate. For those who feel uncertain about creating a new playlist, there’s the sandbox mode, allowing some experiments before publishing.


Rating 5.0

The site is functional and easy to use, but not particularly beautiful. Most graphic elements are designed in a shade of green that is similar to old computer’s screen, and that’s not the most pleasing color in the palette. Also, there’s a mix of different size and color fonts that becomes tiring for the eyes if you look at it for a while.


Rating 6.7

Mentormob can be a great resource site for teachers, or people who just want to learn more about certain subjects. The clever design of playlists allows everyone to add their own collections of files they have found and share their knowledge. So far, the number of playlists is limited and they don’t cover a lot of subjects, but once the site becomes more popular, it can really be a good source of knowledge.