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Added 16/06/2009
Official_review Trupki Created by Kasia ZieliƄska
Diddit Wanna do it. Going to do it. Diddit!
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Diddit is a recent startup, whose all abort sparing experiences in different fields, to show other users "look I did it" and inspire them to do a similar thing. It can be a weekend in Paris, tearing off Barbie heads in childhood, or hiking in the Grand Canyon - any interesting adventure can be added to this site.



Rating 6.0

<p>The main thing here is sharing experiences and finding people who have, or would like to have similar ones. The range of experiences is huge - from knitting to bungee jumping, but without any obvious "adult content", so it's limited to decent activities, and is suitable for teenagers. Even the category called "Guilty Pleasures" is about eating bacon, smoking cigarettes and getting tattoos.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>Users have many activities to explore. Probably new users would start with browsing existing categories to find "diddits" added before. Browsing is really easy thanks to clear division into categories, from obvious ones like Film $ TV, Pets, Sports, Beauty, through more abstract like Nostalgia or Issues to Weird and Offbeat. Users can also use keywords to search for appropriate category. If they find something they've done as well, they can check that activity, and add a comment. Each time a user finds something he or she would like to do, they can add it to the "wanna do" list, and later publish it at Facebook. If the user is not able to find categories necessary to describe his life experience, he can post suggestions, which will influence the shape of the site. There's of course, a list of friends, and it's easy to find people who have the same interests, who enjoy the same holiday resort or play the same online game. Here, making friends is based more on shared tastes and experiences, than location or looks, as it is on other social networking sites. All entries can be decorated with photos taken from Flickr.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>The site looks really well, the colors are nice and clear, the photos add a pleasant feel to the site. Finding your way around categories is easy, and so is jumping from one menu to another, because the categories are well divided, important buttons are visible, the icons are very pretty.</p>


Rating 7.3

<p>This site looks like a really interesting and inspiring place to visit. It can be fun for a person who wants to show an interesting lifestyle, and for someone who wants to find a way to spice up his boring one.</p>