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Mixlr was originally launched as a simple and high quality audio streaming platform for those DJs and radio show hosts that simply did not want to invest time and thought into a complicated and systematic service. They have now released Mixlr ver 2.0 a graphically and functionally advanced evolution of the original web 2.0 styled platform. The new version offers a new way to discover 'now streaming' shows of all kinds of genre and language, advanced crowd engagement, customisable graphics and profile pages as well as a 'heart' and 'follow' function to extend and share discoveries and connections.



Rating 6.0

The idea is to simply provide a fun and simple way to stream or listen to live audio broadcasts. Mixlr has a basic (free) level and premium (£12pm) level of subscription service. The service allows you to start streaming as soon as you have downloaded their app and there are several ways to interact with the platform. One is to be a host of a show or stream, providing a live broadcast like a radio or DJ show or streaming pre-recordings either from a connected soundcloud account, which mixlr allows you to collate your own playlists from searches for any kind of soundcloud audio (not just your own). The other is interacting as a listener, upon landing on the homepage you are presented with a discovery wheel showing what's available to listen to 'right now'. Anything from classical to spoken word to dub techno can be available and the list of users, worldwide, is vastly growing. Where the two meet is an integrated online conversation between host and crowd, providing a platform for link sharing debate and discussion as well as from a music point of view; suggestions between listeners with specific interests. This is by no means a new thing and many other platforms integrate twitter or Facebook chat into their stream interfaces too but mixlr is fully focused on a more colorful listening experience as they intend to roll out functions such as fan rewards, mexican waves within visual crowd interface and points through hearts / love.


Rating 8.0

To listen to a show you by no means have to be logged in - but to get the full user engagement you must set up a profile to some extent which is beneficial in the short term and takes seconds to do with a Twitter and Facebook connections. Stream hosts require a little more customising but this is for the benefit of graphical branding and info on bio and other web links. Once logged hosts can then begin to connect to other platforms in order to store and extend their streams. The list of possible connections is as follows; Dropbox, soundcloud, twitter, facebook (profile), Audioboo and Mixcloud: the latter two being audio streaming services in their own right however accessible in different ways.
Hosts can then either start streaming or 'pre-schedule' a stream for the future allowing followers to be notified when a stream is going to go live. Hosts require the simple desktop streaming app in order to control and determine the audio signal and monitor the levels as it goes online.
While streaming host and users can chat and share the link to the stream out to facebnook and twitter with a simple one click and any comments made by the host instantly get tweeted with a link back to the current stream. After the stream has finished hosts are given the option (via the desktop app) tio save the stream - upon which it will be saved on the 'showreel' section of the Mixlr profile page to be enjoyed later as part of an archive. This stream can also then be exported to connected platforms such as the soundcloud or mixcloud pages.


Rating 9.0

The layout design of the new mixlr is the biggest change since version 1.0. Mixlr's developers have opted for a massively more colourful and bright design with a spacious and simple interface. Some of the buttons and functions do, however, require a little searching to find (eg facebook share or profile editing) though the balance between functionality both from a host and a listeners perspective has been executed quite well. One of the most distinctive features of Mixlr is the new genre wheel on the landing page. In line with info graphical popularity the wheel provides a fun and playful way to quantify and menu the live streams available to listen to at that point in time. Once a genre is selected we are given a list of live shows and upon choosing one we are taken to the profile/ show page showing us who is listening and where the show is being streamed from, a great way to discover global music trends.


Rating 7.7

The steady growth in popularity Mixlr has enjoyed since its debut has been seen globally as a genuinely simple and uncomplicated way to stream live audio and cutting edge music from all corners of the globe. Enhancing the discovery and access to niche music scenes and bringing sparsely spread crowds together. Mixlr has already exploded across South America and Japan and its freedom from relying on corporate advertising leaves the user experience even more fun, focused and free from distraction. With an innovative design and further functions yet to roll for audience engagement like reward schemes, group gaming and collaborative functions; Mixlr's popularity can only flourish. A fresh and ad-free way to mingle with music trendsetters and fans during a colorful live show.