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Added 21/03/2012
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Color is an android and iphone app that aims to share user content through a social platform that focuses on physical proximity. A 'moment sharing app' that lets you broadcast a brief and live glimpse into your life, no matter where you are. Users can share comments photo's and videos not only with Facebook friends but also with people they are not (yet) linked with who are in the local vicinity. This gives the advantage of anonymous shared experiences and extending to third party connections or 'friends of friends'.



Rating 6.0

A mobile smart phone app that enables users to share with the people physically around them whether they know them or not. Color founder Bill Nguyen claims it is "The social network for the 6 billion people you don't already know."

Color integrates the best of other popular apps such as the photos from Instragram and Facebook videos and comments but all in the public realm and geographically tagged to your location. The focus being on shared content within that vicinity (much like Foursquare) and, for the sake of the funding of Color, in the hopeful interest of businesses to utilise past experiences within their interest.

Color's technology allows users to experience and share realtime events with the people that are there with them, connecting both the physical and the digital realms. Taking the focus away from people we have already made past connections with and shifting the focus onto those we are sharing the present. Color will be able to track trending user information, crowd swells and unique spikes in data. Bringing it right back to benefit of the user without having to track sensitive types of information such as names, addresses or passwords.


Rating 9.0

Color relies upon collecting all kinds of user information to draw commonalities between users and make increasingly accurate identification of surroundings and locations; Color analyses the details of your location including lighting, GPS coordinates and audio levels from your phones built in mic. All the photos and videos submitted within Color are totally public and searchable to anyone as well as being totally owned by Color too, although users do have the right to delete the photos at will.

Color has several different views within the app being that of a calendar based profile timeline, a friends list for direct reference, an inbox, a general feed including users connected to you via Facebook and in the surrounding area combining their Facebook, Instagram and FB video content.

Video users can record and upload up to 30 seconds of video capturing the moment, space and people they are with this then can be uploaded to Facebook, tagged and commented as a normal video would be.


Rating 5.0

The layout within the Color app has the simplicity of Instagram with a vertical stream and menu buttons at the footer. The graphic quality of Path, being fresh, mono tonal, smart and clear. User discovery is maximised through a multiple photo view that overlays comments and links with series of photos shared by your Facebook friends and people in your geographical vicinity that are also color users. This interface is keep simple which contributes to the cpu demand being smaller and the app generally working faster.


Rating 6.7

Color is a great idea and you can get a lot out of the app very fast though for now users are slow to take up Color in particular in favour of more popular or more functional apps like those that are more focused on geo based place or event discovery like extensions of foursquare or Google places. If Color were to roll out some more unique features they would be in league with currently trending apps they are competing against though for now - Color remains a great idea that simply hasn't caught fire yet. For mainland Europe at least anonymous sharing and user discovery through places seems to be limited to early tech adopters and has yet to be embraced by smart phone mainstream, though IO'm sure Color will be the simplest and most un-daunting app to be the first to offer this.